New Milestone in Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk Repair


Ocean City, NJ beachgoers will get to enjoy another section of freshly remodeled Boardwalk this year, as workers have just completed Phase 2 (from Sixth St. to just above Seventh St.). Phase 1, which was completed in 2014, encompassed the area between Fifth and Sixth Streets, as well as a new Welcome Center on the Route 52 causeway.

Mayor Jay Gillian has proposed a goal of finishing two blocks each year and finishing in winter of 2017-2018. The $1.2 million project includes new, sturdier, and thicker boards (3-inches) made of southern yellow pine. In addition, treated wooden pilings will replace areas of aging concrete substructure. Come on out and enjoy a stroll on one of the area’s iconic landmarks, as the full-length of the OCNJ Boardwalk is now re-opened for business!

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